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April 28, 2013
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                    Long ago, in the land of Spain, lived a royal family. They were very wealthy and loved by all in the kingdom. The family consisted of a King, Queen, and young prince. All were happy, friendly, and compassionate towards the people of the kingdom. They were destined to rule for the rest of their days.
            Unfortunately, tragedy struck. First, the queen fell ill with a disease that was uncommon in that part of the world. She died weeks after she was diagnosed. Then, the king was assassinated by a group of rebels. They were stopped before they reached the prince. The people of the kingdom could not believe what fate had befallen them. What were they to do now? The Prince was too young to rule!
            A solution came quicker than they had anticipated.
            The Prince’s aunt and uncle swept in to take the throne after hearing about their dear family’s death. People concluded this solution to be an answer to their prayers. They were quickly proved wrong.
            The new king and queen were devils. Not literally of course, but under their rule, all freedoms were restricted. The people were made slaves, forced to construct monuments and buildings in honor of the new rulers. Curfews were set, and rights were revoked. Taxes were raised on everything, making it difficult for the citizens to purchase the necessities they needed to survive. People became starved over time, and the kingdom fell to chaos.
            Not long after the fall, guards were stationed at every point in the kingdom. They beat the people down and stole their things, teasing and taunting the frail figures. They raided their homes and took the women. All in all, the kingdom was destroying itself from the inside.
            All the prince could do was watch and grow up in a corrupted home.

                    Three years after the death of his parents, Prince Antonio began to think about what he could do to save his kingdom before it completely destroyed itself. His only way currently to gain the throne was to get married, but none of the eligible princesses piqued his interest. His aunt and uncle tried desperately to find someone, but each girl was the same: bratty, fake, and greedy.
            Prince Antonio sighed and closed his green eyes. Another princess had just stormed out of the room, enraged that Antonio had dismissed her.
                        “Was that really necessary Antonio? She seemed like the one.” His aunt said. Prince Antonio shook his head.

                        “She was just like all of the others you have brought in.” he replied simply.

                        “Now Antonio, you know if you do not choose a bride soon, you will not rise to the throne.” His uncle warned.

                        “I know, just give me some time. These girls are just… demasiado alto mantenimiento. I cannot stand being around them.” The prince explained. Not another word was said as he bowed and walked out of the throne room.

                        “Estoy empezando a pensar que no están recogiendo las niñas adecuados a propósito.” Prince Antonio muttered. He sighed and headed for his bedroom, only to be stopped by a guard.

                        “Your Highness!” Antonio stopped and looked at the guard, who bowed swiftly.

                        “Yes? What is it?” he asked.

                        “Your uncle requests that you supervise the building of the iglesia. The head guard has not been doing his job.” The guard replied.

                        “Oh, of course. I will be there in a moment.” The guard bowed again and walked off. Antonio watched for a moment before following behind.

                The sun beat down on the workers heavily, causing a profuse amount of sweat and the occasional heat stroke. Men and women, from teenagers to seniors worked diligently under the careful eyes of the guards.
            (Y/n) panted and swiped at her brow. Sweat glistened against her olive skin as she lifted an adobe brick off of the ground. She struggled over to the structure and set the brick on a stack of identical materials. Then, she picked up an abandoned pala and scooped some of the sticky substance onto the layer of bricks. She carefully spread it out and then proceeded to set the brick on the wall. Just as she was about to set the brick down, a loud trumpet sounded, causing (y/n) to drop the brick. It shattered to pieces. She gasped and whirled around, hoping that the incident would go unnoticed long enough for her to avoid punishment.
             Unfortunately, a nearby guard and witnessed the whole thing, and was now making his way over to her. She gasped and attempted to run, only to be snatched off her feet and forced to the ground.
                        “You fifthly piece of (insert colorful word here (swear))! Why don’t you pay attention to what you are doing?” the guard spat, kicking the toe of his boot into her side. She cried out in pain and curled up, trying to protect herself from the beatings. The guard picked her up and pushed her against a wall. Her head absorbed most of the blow, cracking against the brick. She grimaced and fell back to the ground.

                        “Get up!” the guard demanded, grabbing a fistful of her hair. She cried out and scrambled to get up. The guard yanked her up and raised his fist, ready to let it go. (y/n) closed her eyes and turned away. She breathed heavily, waiting for the guard’s fist to connect with her jaw. But nothing happened. Instead, a gasp emitted from the guard and she was dropped to the ground. (y/n) grimaced again, shakily wiping away the blood that dripped from her mouth.

                        “Y-Y-Your Highness!” the guard stuttered. (y/n) opened her eyes painfully. The guard was bowed in front of a tall man, dressed in an outfit fit for a prince. Her (e/c) orbs widened instantly at the realization of who the man was.

                        “Why are you hurting this chica, hm?” the Prince asked.

                        “S-she dropped a slab of adobe and broke it s-s-sir! She needed to be punished!” he stumbled over his words. The Prince cast a glance at (y/n), then back to the guard.

                        “I am sure it was just an accident. No need to beat her over it.” He replied simply. Both the guard and (y/n) looked at him in surprise.

                        “B-but your Highness-”

                        “I do not want to hear it. Now, go about your business.” Prince Antonio ordered. The guard bowed swiftly and hurried off. The Prince watched him for a second before turning back to the broken girl at his feet. He bent down eye-level with her and gave her a gentle smile.

                        “How badly are you hurt chica?” he asked softly. She blinked. He is very handsome. She thought. The Prince was tall, measuring to be at least three or four inches taller than her. His shaggy brown hair fell into his glorious green eyes, and he was muscular. He was every girl’s dream man.

                        “Hello? Chica?” the Prince waved his hand in front of her face. She shook her head, sending a wave of pain through her skull. She groaned and raised a hand to her head, recoiling instantly at the touch of something warm and sticky. Shakily, she pulled her hand back and gasped at the sight of blood. The Prince’s eyes widened too, and he took her wrists in his hands. Muttering a few swears in Spanish, he stood, carefully helping (y/n) to her feet.

                        “You are very hurt. Please, allow me to take you back to the palace. I can get you some help.” The prince offered. (e/c) eyes widened and she shook her head again.

                         “I cannot let you do that su alteza! I am merely a lowly slave! There is a médico down the street; I will allow him to help me.” She refused quickly but politely. Prince Antonio only smiled.

                         “I am aware of the state this village is in. Your médico may not be able to help you. Please, I can get you better help.” He replied, softly. (y/n) sighed. She really couldn’t pass up an offer such as this. Anyways, the Prince did have a point. With the state the kingdom was in, the doctor was unable to give people the medical attention they needed.

                         “Alright. I will go with you.” She murmured. Prince Antonio smiled and assisted her to his horse. She looked up at the Stallion in fear.

                         “It is okay; he will not hurt you.” The Prince assured. He stroked the animal’s muzzle, gesturing towards the girl. (y/n) timidly reached out to the horse, allowing him to sniff her hand before reaching up and stroking its muzzle. The creature whinnied quietly, nuzzling his nose into the girl’s palm. (y/n) giggled.

                         “See? He is a gentle creature. One of the best Stallions I have ever owned.” Prince Antonio explained. (y/n) nodded. Prince Antonio gripped her waist and gently lifted her onto the Stallion’s back. Then, he hoisted himself onto the saddle and adjusted himself so that (y/n) was sitting comfortably in front of him. He took the reigns and clicked his tongue, ushering the horse forward. They set off for the castle.

            Prince Antonio helped (y/n) to the infirmary, slipping easily past his aunt and uncle. He stood by and watched as well while she was patched up by the nurse. While he ‘supervised’ the patch-up, a new feeling spread through the Prince. The girl before him was very beautiful, even in rags. Her (e/c) eyes sparkled with enthusiasm and excitement, despite the conditions. He could tell she was the adventurous type. Her (h/l)(h/c) hair brushed against her skin every time she moved. It was knotted and it looked like it hadn’t been washed for a while, but it was still beautiful. Her smile was glorious. It made Antonio smile a little each time it appeared on her face when the nurse would ask her questions.

                         “Your Highness, she has been fixed up.” The nurse said, curtsying. The Prince stood up straight and smiled.

                         “Thank you. Would you mind preparing a bath for her?” the nurse nodded and bustled away, leaving a surprised (y/n) behind.

                         “Why did you ask her that?” she asked. The Prince smiled.

                         “How would you like to leave the streets and work here for me? As a maid?” (y/n) blinked, a small smile working its way onto her face.

                         “Really?” he nodded.

                         “Oh! Gracias a su alteza! Gracias!” she exclaimed, curtsying.

                         “De nada. Now, go and get washed up. I will have a servant bring you a uniform.” Prince Antonio instructed. (y/n) nodded and turned towards the nurse, who had reappeared. She followed the nurse to a restroom.

                         “Gracias.” She murmured her thanks quietly before stepping into the restroom and closing the door. Carefully, the tired girl stripped out of her clothing and sank into the warm bath. A sigh of content escaped her lips as she relaxed. This was the first bath she had been in for a while. The guards kept all of the slaves working day and night, with about three hours of sleep and five minute breaks every two hours. It was nice to actually sit back for once. (y/n) picked up a sponge that was resting on a nearby counter, and, after lathering it up with soap, began to wash the grime from her body and hair. All the while, she thought about the Prince.
                 Why did he help me? I am just slave! Slaves are treated like trash all of the time! She thought curiously. More thoughts echoed through her mind as she finished washing her hair and body. She made sure the dirt was dislodged from her skin. Satisfied, she stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her body.

                         “I am finished.” She called. A servant stepped into the room and handed her a stack of clothes. (y/n) took it in her arms and watched the servant drain the water from the tub. Once this was finished, the servant bustled out of the room, closing the door behind her. Quickly, she changed into the uniform.
            Stepping out of the bathroom, she looked around. A servant was waiting by the entrance on the other side of the room.

                         “Where do I go?” she asked the servant.

                         “I will lead you. My name is Rose by the way. I will be your…guide if you will.” The servant said. (y/n) smiled.

                         “It is nice to meet you Rose. I am (y/n).” she replied. They smiled at each other before setting off down the hall.

                    For months, (y/n) worked under the Prince, earning enough money each month to send to her family. She never had to return to the slave camps and the construction sites. She also got along well with the other servants. She could easily say that she had grown closer to the Prince as well.
            He was gentle and sweet towards her. He didn’t care that she was only a maid, and he became a good friend of hers. Little did she know, Prince Antonio’s feelings for her were a little different.
            The Prince hurried to his room, knowing that (y/n) would be there. He stopped in front of his bedroom door, taking a moment to regain his composure. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and stepped inside.
            Just as he had guessed, (y/n) was in there making his bed. She glanced up and curtsied as he approached.
                         “Good morning!” she greeted cheerfully.

                         “Good morning.” He replied, smiling. She smiled back and resumed her chores.

                         “Ah, chica. May I ask you something?” he asked. (y/n) stopped again, looking at the Prince with large eyes.

                         “Si, of course your Highness.” She replied. Prince Antonio studied the ground and gripped his hands behind his back.

                         “Do you…love me…?” he asked quietly. (y/n) stopped and studied the bed. She wasn’t sure if she had heard right.

                         “Que?” she replied slowly. Prince Antonio looked up at her, confidence swimming through his emerald eyes.

                         “Do you love me?” he asked again. The girl blushed scarlet, and her hands started to shake. She did love him. But what were the consequences of knowing the truth?  

                         “S-si, Su Alteza. I do.” She murmured quietly. A small blush worked its way onto his face, as well as a bright smile. (y/n) continued to study the ground as the Prince walked over and stood in front of her, very close. He tipped her head up to look at him. He took in her features, every dimple, scratch and scar she wore from her slavery days. It was all beautiful to him.
            He hesitantly leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. (y/n) froze, unsure of what to do. Prince Antonio rested one hand on the back of her head and another on the small of her back, holding her small body close to his. She allowed her (e/c) eyes to close, and hesitantly she rested her hands on his chest. Satisfied that she had warmed up to him, he continued the kiss for a moment longer before pulling away, resting his forehead against hers. They gazed at each other for a moment, both blushing. Then, Prince Antonio smiled.

                         “I want you to be my wife, (y/n).” he murmured. (y/n) smiled.

                         “I will.” She replied. His smiled widened more and he drew her lips into another passionate kiss.

            Word had spread around the kingdom that the Prince had finally found a suitable bride. Many did not know who it was, but (y/n)’s family had. They were overjoyed that such a blessing had befallen their daughter. She now was dressed like royalty, sitting along side Prince Antonio at dinner and such. The King and Queen treated her fairly, but under the surface plotted a way to get rid of her. She wasn’t of royal blood. They had tried to tell Antonio the day he announced his plans, but he just shrugged them off.
            On the night before the wedding, (y/n) was wandering the hallways, searching for the kitchen. Antonio had told her she could go wherever she pleased, and at this moment her stomach was begging for food. She still hadn’t completely memorized where everything was, so this was proving to be a challenge.
            Voices brought (y/n) out of her thoughts. Her curious nature took the best of her and she crept over to where the voices were coming from. Quietly, she pushed the door open just a crack. The King and Queen were in the library, obviously discussing something important.

                         “…I just do not see how we are going to do it without the little mocoso noticing! He watches over her like she is some kind of treasure!” the King fumed. (y/n) realized instantly that they were talking about her and Antonio. Her interest piqued, she leaned in a bit closer.

                         “We will find a way amado. She cannot be that difficult to annihilate.” The Queen assured.

                         “If she is anything like my estúpido hermano, then yes she will be very easy to get rid of.” A soft gasp escaped (y/n)’s lips. The Kings brother was Antonio’s father!

                         “He was easy enough to pick off. What if we just hire the extremists again?” the queen suggested.

                         “No. We must not make it obvious.” The king replied. (y/n) stumbled away from the door, clutching her heart. The King had killed his brother? And now he was coming for her?

                         “Why not kill Antonio as well? He won’t be able to receive the thrown if he is gone.” The queen’s voice echoed through the door. Fear stabbed at (y/n)’s heart. She stumbled down the hall, running for the only place she knew she could.
            She stopped at her destination and pounded on the door hastily. She took in a deep breath and waited impatiently. Suddenly, the door opened, scaring her half to death. Antonio rubbed the sleep from his eyes and studied his fiancé wordily.

                         “Cariño? What is the matter?” he asked, placing his hands on her arms. She flung them around his waist and rested her forehead on his chest.

                         “Antonio, it is your tios!” she sobbed. Antonio pulled her into his room and closed the door. Then, he held her at arms length and studied her.

                         “What about them? What is going on?”

                         “T-they are plotting our deaths!” she breathed, looking at him with large (e/c) eyes.

                         “Que? Deja de bromear!” he scolded.

                         “No! No, no, no I am being serious! I heard them! I was right outside the library when they were discussing it!” she defended nervously. Antonio looked at her fiercely.

                         “(y/n), this is not funny.” He said coldly.

                         “No, I know! Antonio, don’t you ever want to know how your father was really killed?” she asked.

                         “How he was really killed? Cariño, he was murdered by extremists!” Antonio exclaimed.

                         “That were given orders by your tios!” she retorted. More tears poured out of her eyes and she shrank against Antonio. He realized with a cold fear that she was being serious.

                         “You said you heard them?” he asked slowly.

                         “Si!” she cried. Antonio stood their in shock. He knew she wouldn’t lie to him. Ever so slowly, he wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace.

                         “It will be okay amor. Everything will be okay.” He murmured, stroking her hair and placing a kiss on her forehead.

            The next day, Antonio’s aunt and uncle were sentenced to death. He had them arrested and confronted them. They admitted everything shamelessly, shocking Antonio more. The wedding was pushed back, but still it occurred.
            A week later, (y/n) was standing before the alter, across from Antonio in a traditional Spanish wedding gown. The whole kingdom watched as they said their vows and ended the ceremony with a kiss. Cheers erupted from the crowd, celebrating their new king and queen, as well as the start of a new age. The kingdom, under (y/n)’s and Antonio’s rule, repaired itself in a short time. Everything returned to normal, like the days when Antonio’s parents were rulers. Rice was thrown as Antonio and (y/n) hurried down the aisle, hands clasped. They hopped in the carriage that was waiting for them and were whisked away to their honeymoon spot.
            Antonio approached his wife from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist. She glanced back and smiled. He smiled back and pressed his lips to hers.

                         “Te amo.” He murmured.

                         “Te amo demasiado.” She replied, kissing him softly once more.
Demasiado alto mantenimiento: Too high maintenance
Estoy empezando a pensar que no están recogiendo las niñas adecuados a propósito: I think it's something like 'I'm starting to think they're choosing the bratty girls on purpose.' Actually, I think that wasn't even close...
Iglesia: Church
Pala: Spade
Chica: Girl
Su alteza: Your highness
Medico: Doctor
Gracias: Thank you
De nada: You're welcome
Si: Yes
Que?: Qhat?
Mocoso: Brat
Amado: Dear (I think)
Estupido hermano: Stupid brother
Carino: Honey (I think)
Tios: Aunt and Uncle
Deja de bromear: Quit kidding around!
Amor: Love
Te amo: I love you
Te amo demasiado: I love you too

The last request is here! :iconexi1200:

Actually, this one was a little bit extra...but whatever it's still the last :)

I hope you like it, and I hope it was fluffy enough. I, being who I am, thought of this brilliant, yet cliche idea...

Well, anyways sorry if I butched the Spanish, or overused it... (I simply relied on Google Translate for this)

I don't know if this needs a mature content rating or not, since it did get "sort of" violent. Let me know if you think it does!

You own you, that guy owns Hetalia, and I own my ideas.
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